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Hi! Soon I will make an Sprite Series completely based on Undertale (I don't want the fandom to get angry :'v), so I'll try to make it 99% based on the story, there will exist two ''seasons'' first for Neutral/Pacifist Run and the second for Genocide Run, and everything about the series will finish (Because I don't want the fandom to get angry ;A;.. again), so soon I will animate a trailer an start the series, thanks for reading! :D

I'm only a fan of the game, this series are not canon or something, just for fun. Undertale game, characters and logo are owned by TobyFox.


Yeah, only that, I will make a new opening and a new ending.
Also this story will take place after Sonic Generations (But being something like an Alternative Timeline or Alternative Universe :P).
Down there's a edited photo that will be part of the opening.
If you have ideas for characters or part of the story tell it to me commenting. :)
Thanks for reading. :D

Just a little teaser from the 3 versions from Mandalord (The text is just a little spoiler)
That is all, bye. :)


Finally coming in 2017

2016-12-30 14:10:51 by VicManEs

After a few years, finally I have taken the iniciative. xD
In 2017 will be coming the first chapter of first season of my series ''The Grand Portal''.

At this moment I am creating the DEFINITIVE Opening and Ending, and idealizing ideas for the first chapter and for all the season.
In January I will post the Opening and Ending, and so, I will start creating the first chapter, to post it between March and May.
If you're interested, here are some things that I will change from the first idea, and things that will happen, also villains, etc.
1. The definitive version, will not have Mario and Sonic characters, only my original characters. (That doesn't change the plans of Sonic Adventure Z)
2. Actually I have planned 3 seasons, each with different objectives, the first season will be about the ''Black Stars'', you would know what they are soon.
3. There will be 3 principal antagonists, the first would be a liar that wants to be like the hero as soon as he couldn't, he started to hate him, the second antagonist is Mandalord (A character created by me and my friend) and his followers/crew, called ''The Black Eyes Society'' who wants the Blacks Stars to own the ultimate power, and at last, they're a evil coporation, soon I will talk about this one.
4. If this project receives the enough acceptation, it could have voices in the 2nd or 3rd season
5. The series will begin with a initiated hero, and would have Flashbacks at the end of some episodes to tell the main character origin story.
6. Each episode must have a 20 minutes duration.
That's all, if you want to know more about this, follow me, thanks for reading. :D


Musical Collab.

2016-10-09 22:06:39 by VicManEs

Hi there! Well, I want to do a musical collab, aproximately it is going to have a duration of 5 seconds, I want to have 5 animators and 4 singers (I'm going to be the fifth singer), If you can animate and sing you can do both for sure, I want the musical to be a parody of some superhero movie/movies, or inclusively something original, hope news from someone, thanks for reading! :D

Well, finally new computer my friends! :') 
I can continue this work that I was creating from many years! Definitive intro coming in 2 months.. or inclusively in a few weeks. ;)
Oh, and also first episode of The Grand Portal coming in last 2016 or beggining of 2017, and the same for Sonic Adventure Z. :D
Thanks for all, I'm very happy, see you soon, goodbye!

Sorry ;-; I will upload one animation, I can't upload it ;-; I will keep trying ;-;

Ok.. I've Returned Again :l :)

2015-11-27 23:06:45 by VicManEs

Sorry because I have disappeared xD It was difficult to me being in newgrounds because I have school, personal problems, and other things :P But I have returned, I'm here :D A few days for vacations TuT, I Will Continue With Animation When The Vacations Begin, So.. Yay! :D xD, Bye :v

Okay, Last Attempt :'v

2015-08-18 20:32:22 by VicManEs

I Really Want To Do My Collab :'v, So I Publish This, I Want Some Animators, Voice Actors, One Person Who Make Music, 10 People to See How The Collab Is Going, So, If You Are One Of These, Please Join My Collab And Send Me a Message on My Account Facebook"Vicmanes Tgp" And Say Me What You Are, Thanks For Reading (I Hope That We Can Do This at Least Before 2018)

Will I Give Up?

2015-07-19 01:02:27 by VicManEs

I Think All Failed......